Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope your having a blessed day with your family! We’re just chilling out at home on this cloudy, rainy day.


I wanted to share this LO today. The story behind it practically melted my heart and almost brought me to happy tears! DS was just beaming, he was so excited to give this basket to DH. He just couldn’t stop smiling, and neither could we. DH & I just kept giving each other that knowing look of “how sweet is this kid” and “how lucky are we?” He came up with all of it on his own, and only needed my help to take the photo and print it. He’s a sweetie, and so creative! I need to take a close-up pic of the basket, but DH took it to work and forgot it there.

Now, off to raid the Easter candy!

Happy Scrapping!


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